Episode #160 – The Evil Dead | After The Hype
Our month of LOW BUDGET HORROR continues this week with the Sam Raimi classic THE EVIL DEAD. We're joined by guests Jaimie Sarchet and Phillip Kelley to talk about that iconic cabin in the woods and to take a small glimpse into the crazy conditions on set. There's a lot here so click on that play button ASAP, or that download button on your podcast catcher and hop to it. PLUGS PHILLIP KELLEY | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | UCB IMPROV JAIMIE SARCHET | INSTAGRAM | THE REEL BLONDE (COMING SOON) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN DOING? The part of the show where we catch up with what everyone is doing. BRYAN - Luke Cage RYAN - Invincible Iron Man, Spider-Man, Cage, Death of X JON - Cities Skylines PHILLIP - Bangarang UCB JAMIE - Smorgasburg LA RATING SYSTEM - "SINGLE LOCATION HORROR" BRYAN - Cabin Fever RYAN - Cabin in the Woods JON - Tucker and Dale vs Evil PHILLIP - The Hills Have Eyes JAMIE - Infection FIND US ON TWITTER FIND US ON FACEBOOK