Perfect Love Casts Out Fear, Ice, & Disney Tropes | As Your Poets Have Said
It's 10 degrees outside, so we figured this would be an appropriate blog. This post is about Frozen. Cue obnoxious song. Even if you haven't seen the movie, you probably know that it features two princesses, one of whom can magically cover things with ice and snow, and sometimes things gets out of hand. Elsa is the older and magical sister, and Anna is the younger and non-magical sister. This summary might sound a bit random. Just go with it. It's a kid's movie. As a child, Elsa had control of her powers, but she accidentally hurts her sister Anna by shooting her in the brain with ice. (Like I said, just go with it.) This doesn't happen because of an inability to control her powers, but because of bad aim. The girls' parents rush Anna to some magical rock trolls who heal her, then tell Elsa, "Fear will be your worst enemy." Her parents decide that Elsa will hide her magic even from Anna, therefore denying part of who she is. This ruins her relationship with her sister and leaves Anna