Can the Evil Queen be Forgiven? | As Your Poets Have Said
A Spiritual Analysis of Once Upon A Time, Episode "The Evil Queen" Contains Minor Spoilers The Evil Queen does not have the best track record. It's the whole "evil" thing. As she hunts Snow White, she questions the people of a town where Snow took refuge. When the people don't give any information on Snow's whereabouts, she has them all killed. So is this woman, able to murder an entire town without a second thought also able to repent? Is it still possible, after all this brutality, that she can let go of evil and embrace love, selflessness, and kindness? When trying to get information from villagers doesn't work, the Queen, also known as Regina, has Rumplestiltskin put a disguising spell on her, one she cannot change without his help. She goes throughout the kingdom, disguised as a peasant, looking for Snow. After the Queen gets herself into a pickle, nearly being beheaded by her own guards, Snow saves her life. Since Regina, still disguised, has an injury that needs time and