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Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or Transit - Do's & Dont's Mercury Retrograde In Horoscope Or Transit: Mercury In Vedic Astrology Governs: Communication, Listening capability, Learning capability - how fast a person can learn, Reading, Marketing skills, Any kind of agreement or documentation, Any kind of contracts, Business or job related to transport or travel & tourism industry, Computer software related jobs or business (Ketu also plays an important role). Mercury stays in retrograde state for a very short period of time. When Mercury is in retrograde motion all above matters can be disturbed. You should be very careful when you are dealing with above-related things. If Mercury Is Retrograde In Any Year - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 etc.: If Mercury is retrograde in transit in any year and month, be careful about what you are saying those days, your communication can create a lot of misunderstanding, if that is connected with 10th house so in professional matter and if that