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Quick tips on Astrology - New Updates Every time Important Astro-Tips By Dr. Sankar Bhattacharjee: Here you will get everytime short but very important Tips to learn Astrology & judge horoscope more proper way. I will only mention here what I found to be true in my findings. Rahu & Jupiter - Guru Chandal Dosha and Your Life - Astro Quick Tips: When Rahu and Jupiters are in conjunction or in mutual aspect, Jupiter cannot work properly. Jupiter is wisdom, represents all godly nature within us, Rahu is called demon or monster characteristic within us (according to natural malefic signification). If this Rahu and Jupiter both are strong in a horoscope and together so the native becomes very well known, people may know him as a very good person, but behind his fame, all demonic deeds are involved. The person could be from any field, he will have high level of knowledge but will use all those knowledge for demonic deeds...... Problems In Life - Saturn & Mars Combination In