Wealth, Money & Property In Horoscope | AstroSanhita
Indian astrology tells us that one becomes poor or rich according to various Raj Yogas found in the horoscope chart. One born with Gajakeshari Yoga or Luxmi yoga will be popular, prosperous and rich. A few people may have the combination but the majority of us suffer from financial difficulties. The existence of Raj yoga in a horoscope is not a guarantee that one will be rich and wealthy. It is not universally applicable. There are people rolling with wealth, holding responsible positions without any Raj Yogas in their horoscopes.Again, a man with Raj yoga in his horoscope may be poor. Vedic astrology have clear and sound yogas which shows financial prosperity that will bless a native. Planetary configuration in a chart. indicate the potential in an individual to amass wealth .The number of yogas and their strength will determine the degree of wealth, making one normal to filthy rich. The houses of horoscope which hold importance here are- 2nd: The prime place of money.11th-The house