Beatnik's Worcester: 2009-2014 |
No worries: it may be the end of an era but it's the start of something new. In 2009, I started taking photos again after finding myself with a lot of free time due to a recent divorce. Beatnik's was one of my first stops and set the tone for the last 5 years. I was new to Worcester and new to having 'empty spaces' so I decided to fill my time with something I was familiar with: live music & photography. In October of 2009, Beatniks had just been open for a few months. I was expanding my horizons and thought that bringing a 'Match' to a SKA show would be be a fun date. Guns of Navarone 10/23/2009 Arrived early and had some eats at the bar, conversation and drinks and then the music started. I excused myself & went to see the band and scope out the room. After a song I invited my date to come check out these great sounds and grabbed my gear. I must have gotten sucked into the music & focused in on the photos