Skeletons uncovered under basilica's flooring | ArchaeoFeed
Remains of graves, and skeletons of buried individuals were uncovered under the floor of the Assumption of Saint Mary Basilica in Rzeszów, South-East Poland. The burials are dated back to 17th century. Skeletons found in the basilica (by Fundacja Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego) The discovery was made by archaeologists at the start of their work at the basilica. It is suspected that the graves are linked to a cemetery that existed at the site of the present building, therefore they might date back to before 17th century. In the southern part of the transept the researchers also discovered a previously unknown crypt that consists of a number of rooms. At least 5 individuals were buried there in coffins, with their hands joined as for a prayer. According to anthropologist Joanna Rogóż, the remains belonged to four adults, including a younger individual around 25 years old, and to an infant. Two skulls were cut in half. Among the artefacts discovered within the crypt are pottery