Research of Early Medieval strongholds in Central Poland finished | ArchaeoFeed
Twelve strongholds dating back to the Early Medieval times located in Central Poland have been surveyed with use of non-invasive prospection techniques over the course of years. The results of the research have been rounded up in a recent publication. Aerial view of the stronghold in Ewinów (by Wiesław Stępień) The strongholds and their surrounding were surveyed with use of various geophysical methods, including magnetic measurements, electrical resistance, and ground penetrating radar, aided by airborne LiDAR scans, and aerial photography from drones and airplanes. The researchers also conducted field surveys looking for surface finds. According to Jerzy Sikora, the project's director, this is one of the largest largest programmes of Medieval times archaeology in Poland. It focuses on a vast region of the country and it's role in the Early Piast dynasty Poland. These twelve strongholds were located in the following towns, and villages and in their vicinity: Ewinów, Chełmo, Krzepocinek