Numerous archaeological sites identified along the Vistula | ArchaeoFeed
Researchers have surveyed the shores along the Vistula river south of Warsaw, Poland's capital, in order to detect unknown archaeological sites. Among the new, previously unknown discoveries are 19th-century fortifications, salt chamber, and military earthworks. Wooden structures found at the shore (by Agata Wiśniewska) During the survey in the Autumn last year, the researchers were able to detect 33 previously unknown sites in the region of Urzecze, in the northern region of Vistula's Middle Course Valley. The area is often flooded and unreachable, filled with intersecting oxbows and sandy islands, and therefore it was believed by archaeologist to have been uninhibited in the past - according to Łukasz Maurycy Stanaszek, director of the project. The archaeologist analysed old maps and LiDAR data which allowed to understand the area and its various terrain forms. (by Archiwum Państwowe Muzeum Archeologiczne w Warszawie) On the course of the project, the researchers managed to identify