Belongings of German nobility uncovered | ArchaeoFeed
A 14-year-old boy discovered a cache of numerous milk churns that were shallowly buried near the shore of the Jeziorak Lake, near the Gubławki village, North Poland. The containers hidden around 1945 contained family heirloom and belongings of the Prussian noble family von Finckenstein. Part of the treasure (by Tomasz Waszczuk) The family of Grafs von Finckenstein were the previous owners of the manor in Gubławki. Most of the family heirlooms found in the containers belong to Graf Hans Joachim von Finckenstein, who was the owner of the estate until 1945. In March that year he was taken by Soviet soldiers and died in an internment camp in Pasłęk. His wife Hildegarde remained at the estate working for the Russians until November, when she left for Germany to find their two daughters, Waldtraut and Margarete, who were sent into the Reich a couple of months before coming of the Red Army. It is possible that the Graf's wife was the one who has hidden the objects. Most of them had