Archaeologists believe Roman soldiers stationed in North-Central Poland | ArchaeoFeed
Researchers excavating archaeological sites near the villages Gąski and Wierzbiczany in the Kuyavia region, North-Central Poland, came to a conclusion that Roman soldiers were present there. Unique finds of Roman cavalrymen's equipment and soldier uniform's parts never before found outside the Roman Empire seem to back up this thesis. Samples of rare Roman finds (by Marcin Rudnicki) The complex of Iron Age sites was discovered due to involvement of metal detectorists, who handed over their findings to archaeologists. Majority of the artefacts was discovered in the area between the villages of Gąski and Wierzbiczany. Among the objects were numerous fittings made of bronze, which turned out to be parts of Roman cavalryman's equipment and parts of Roman soldier's outfit. Many of them are unique to this are of Europe, according to Bartosz Kątny, archaeologists of University of Warsaw. Excavations undertaken in the area by a team led by archaeologist Marcin Rudnicki uncovered more artefact