Ancient mosaics restored in Montenegro | ArchaeoFeed
A collection of ancient mosaics discovered in Risan, Montenegro, were restored by Polish scientists over the course of last few months. Mosaics being restored (by Anna Pszonka) The mosaics were uncovered in the so-called House of Hypnos, a monumental and rich household discovered in Risan in the 1930s. Initially it was believed that the artwork was created around 3rd-4rth century AD, but when Polish archaeologists uncovered three more mosaics at the site, they were able to precisely date them to half of the 2nd century AD. According to Piotr Dyczek, director of excavations, these mosaics are unique, since no other site in the area contained such a large number of them. Mosaic before conservation (by Anna Pszonka) For many years the mosaics were stored in the building of the local museum, awaiting conservation. They have been moved in rolls of cloth to which they were glued to. Now they were rolled out and split into parts. The conservation of the mosaics lasted since October last year,