4000-year-old Sumerian port discovered in Mesopotamia | ArchaeoFeed
A team of Italian and Iraqi archaeologists uncovered remains of an ancient Sumerian port, located near Abu Tbeirah, Turkey's KahramanmaraƟ province. The site dates back 4000 years. Excavations at Abu Tbeirah (by AA Photo) Abu Tbeirah, is a desert site about 7 kilometres south of the town of Nasiriyah. According to the researchers, it is the most ancient port ever to be excavated in Iraq, since the only remains of a port to have been investigated are in the nearby Ur, but are from about 2000 years later. The researchers state that the port's basin, measuring 130 meters in length and 40 meters wide may have also served as a giant reservoir and as a tank to contain river flooding. Licia Romano and Franco D'Agostino of Rome's Sapienza University, who are leading the excavations believe that the Sumerian city-states remained connected to the delta of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers until much later than previously thought. (after AA Photo & Daily Sabah)