Bronze Age settlement found in Cappadocia | ArchaeoFeed
Archaeologists discovered a Prehistoric settlement at Göreme (Çakıltepe) Mound in Nevşehir Province, Turkey. The site dates back to early Bronze Age (3000-2000 BC). Overview of the excavation site (by DHA) Archaeologists from Hacı Bektaş University determined that the settlement continues to the middle Bronze Age (2000-1750 BC). Archaeological layers have also been unearthed in the settlement that surrounds the mound which date back to the Iron Age (900-330 BC), Hellenistic-Roman (3-1 BC) and the early Byzantine age (5-6 AD). Surface survey and excavation works in Çakıltepe have unearthed ruins of a wall from the fifth and sixth centuries. The researchers state that the surface surveys have revealed that the area was not only limited to the mound but there was a second settlement around the mound. (after DHA & Hurriyet Daily News)