Middle Kingdom vizier's embalming materials rediscovered | ArchaeoFeed
Embalming materials used by Ipi, vizier and overseer of Thebes during the reign of King Amenemhat I (1976–1956 BC) in the early 20th Dynasty, have been rediscovered in his tomb at Deir el-Bahari on Luxor's west bank, Egypt. Jars stored in the room (by Middle Kingdom Theban Project) Archaeologists uncovered over 50 clay jars filled with embalming materials for the mummification of the ancient Egyptian vizier Ipi during the cleaning of the courtyard under his tomb. The jars were first discovered in 1921 and 1922 by American Egyptologist Herbert Winlock inside an auxiliary chamber in the north-East corner of the upper courtyard of Ipi's tomb, where they were left as recently rediscovered. Materials used for embalming (by Middle Kingdom Theban Project) The courtyard has been buried in sand over the years. The jars hold equipment such as bandages, oils and salts, which were used by embalmers in mummification, as well as jars, bowls, scrapers, and a mummification board decorated with ankh