Artefacts from Six Day War found at Jerusalem's Temple Mount | ArchaeoFeed
Archaeologists sifting the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel, unearthed bullets, shell casings, and coins dated to the Six Day War of 1967 point to an exchange of fire during the Mount's recapture from Jordanian soldiers. Two 50-caliber Browning machine gun projectiles (by Tal Rogovski) The artefacts were found by the Temple Mount Sifting Project team which is sifting through the 400 truckloads of earth that were illegally removed in 1999 by the Jordanian Islamic Waqf from the Holy Site during a renovation of the Solomon's Stables section of the mount in 1999. Among the half a million artefacts discovered during the sifting are machine gun magazines, bullets, Jordanian coins, and uniform badges, which may be related to the Israeli Defence Forces' arrival at the Temple Mount during the Six Day War. 9 mm Uzi bullets (by Tal Rogovski) From 1948 until 1967, Jerusalem's Old City was a no-go zone for Israelis and at the outbreak of the Six Day War, Israel had not prepared a plan to retake