Ancient port of Salamis discovered | ArchaeoFeed
Location of the ancient port of Salamis, where the Greek naval forces had gathered before the historic sea battle against Persians in 480 BC, which is known as Battle of Salamis, has been discovered. Remains of submerged structures of the ancient port (by V. Mentoyannis) Archaeologists discovered the remains of the commercial and probably war port of the classical and Hellenistic period of the city-state of Salamis. The research revealed the existence of ancient artefacts submerged on the three sides (north, west and south) of the bay of Ambelakia. Some of the findings that came to light included port structures, fortifications and various other buildings. These three sides of the bay contain submerged ancient artefacts and structures that gradually sink and emerge due to changes of the sea level, which, especially in February, reach half a meter. The findings include harbour structures, fortifications and various premises which can now be identified as the place of the commercial and