Archaeofeed's 2016 Archaeology Awards ! | ArchaeoFeed
Mid-January is the moment that our Staff would like to announce the 2016 Archaeological Awards for projects undertaken in Poland and worldwide. It is time to announce the research projects that our site would like to award for their contribution in archaeology, expanding our knowledge about the past, crossing new frontiers, and preservation of the cultural heritage. We would like to announce the awarded top archaeology projects of our choice in two categories - Archaeology in Poland and Worldwide Archaeology. Please mark, that the awards do not choose the very best project, neither are the awards set in a hierarchy. The chosen projects were picked by the Staff of Archaeofeed as group of - in our opinion - the best and most interesting research conducted in the past year. Through the award we would like to show the appreciation to the researchers for their contribution in to our understanding of the past and the inspiration for seeking further knowledge that results from their actions