Excavations of a 19th-century military hall reveal numerous finds | ArchaeoFeed
The historic Artillery Drill Hall in Fremantle, West Australia, became the site of archaeological excavations aimed at revealing the structure's history. The building dates to 1895 and was extended during World War II. Inside the Drill Hall (by Emma Wynne) Restoration works in the hall involved removal of floorboards and re-stumping of foundations. Archaeologists are investigating the underfloor history of the site, going back to the convict era. The building served until 2014 as the well-known Fly By Night Musicians Club, a much-loved live music venue. Outside the Drill Hall (by Emma Wynne) The artefacts found at the site date from 1850 to the present. They include a range of jewellery and things that people obviously dropped, such as guitar strings and there are heaps of Emu Export beer cans. Although the place was the first venue in Australia to become smoke-free, archaeologists uncovered a multitude of cigarette packets and hundreds of matches dating from when the hall was used by