Gold casket might hold Buddha's skull fragment | ArchaeoFeed
A model of a stupa hidden within a stone chest in a crypt beneath a Buddist temple in Nanjing (China) contained a parietal bone of the skull that according to inscriptions belonged to revered Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama himself. The 1000-year-old model was discovered beneath the Grand Bao'en Temple by archaeologists from Nanjing Municipal Institute of Archaeology and was stored within an iron box, which, in turn, was stored within a stone chest (containing images of spirits called apsaras shown playing musical instruments). The model is made of sandalwood, silver and gold, and is covered with gemstones made of crystal, glass, agate and lapis lazuli. Golden casket in which the supposed skull of Buddha was found (by Live Science) The parietal bone of the Buddha was buried within an inner casket made of gold, which, in turn, was placed in an outer casket made of silver (both decorated with images of lotus patterns, phoenix birds and gods guarding the caskets with swords), according to the