Think Your Job Sucks? These 10 Ancient Jobs Were A Nightmare - Aptitude Any
Hate your job? We don’t blame you. Work sucks. In fact, it’s worse than that as employment is just a modern word for slavery. Think about it; if you have to depend on another person for your livelihood, then by implication, you are their slave. And this is a fate made even worse by a bad boss, backstabbing coworkers, or having to work for a company plagued with nepotism and favoritism. But before you go marching into your supervisor’s office and telling him he “can take this slave job and re-fill it!” – you might want to consider just how much worse you could have it. Like, for example, if you had lived just a couple of hundred to a couple thousand years ago. Heck, if you think the jobs we have now are bad, wait until you read what kind of jobs they had back then. Ancient societies had many working jobs that were not just considered slavery, but a form on grinding physical / psychological torture. So check them out, be grateful, and get back to work!