Tala Retro Christmas Cookie Cutter Set - The Apron Shop
A lovely retro Christmas Cookie Cutter Set featuring four Christmas themed cookie cutters as well as an icing bag and nozzle. This set by Tala is presented in a lovely retro tin printed with recipes on the reverse for gingerbread, spice sugar cookies and royal icing. The owner of this delightful set will be able to create, bake and decorate fun Christmas shaped cookies. Cookie cutters features a Star, Heart, Holly Leaf & Christmas Tree and come with a folded edge for safe and comfortable handling. This is the perfect retro gift.Style: Retro Christmas Cookie Cutter Set with Icing Bag & Nozzle by Tala Size: Cutters measure between 5cm to 10cm wide, 8cm to 12.5cm high Washing Instructions: Hand wash only