I have an Idea for an App! What next?
I get this question often. Actually, it normally starts with “How much to build me an app that does XYZ?”. The answer is that its more complicated than you might think. Before getting to how much your app will cost, we need to figure out what your app needs to be! First, Let’s Research the Idea Before going into any project you need to do some research first and find competitors and understand the market as it currently stands. This step is non-negotiable unless you are building an app for an established business with an existing user base and have a very good understanding of your customers’ needs. When you start doing this research remember that competition is a good thing so don’t let it get you down. Competition means someone else thought it a good enough idea to execute on. Knowing your competition before you start can tell you what is working (and is not) in the market right now. If there is a lot of competition then you have that much more information. After all, being the first to the idea is often times not the best position to be in. That means you need to educate the users on what your new product category is and why they need it! When doing your research, think about these things and make notes: How successful is each competing product? Who are most successful? How long have they been at it and what sort of resources do they have (small team, indie group, well funded, etc)? How are they making money? How does your take on the problem improve on what they’ve done? If there is not a lot of successful competition, will people […]