Trying out Windows Azure Cloud Services
Since I started off on my own, I wanted to make it a point to try new technologies in between projects. This time I decided to make use of the lottery data I have for and create a lottery results site with ads. My goal is for the site to be very simple (rare in the lottery space) and mobile friendly. Spoiler alert — the site is up and running in acceptable form with instantly updated lottery results: . I have been working with .NET for years and hence have always been in tune with Microsoft technologies as they surface. The major exception to that rule is my understanding of the Azure ( platform so I decided to dive in headfirst by creating a simple site to host from the ground up with Azure in mind. My Current Hosting Situation For the past several years I have had a hosted VMWare ESX server, on which I host about 5 VMs running both Windows and Linux. The price tag is a bit on the hefty side of things at almost $250 a month but it is a significant machine with 12GB of RAM, 8 CPUs, and 200GB storage. If that machine were at full tilt all day long, there is no question that it would be a much better deal than what I would pay with a cloud provider like Azure. That said, using something like Azure brings some much needed peace of mind ( e.g. System updates, backups, DB Maintenance, etc) Getting Started The first step was the easiest by far. Microsoft is offering a 90 day free trial of their service which made trying it out a no brainer. I signed up and was able to […]