New Baby and SocialPar Launch
Nothing good in life comes easy… and what a week to prove it. Last Wednesday I was up working late as I normally do and decided to hang in the towel around 5:30am. What can I say, I’m a creature of the night. I grabbed a snack and headed to bed where my wife Kim, 38+ weeks pregnant, was rounding the corner of her full night’s sleep. I turned on the TV and within 15 minutes she awoke in a panic – her water broke. Making things sound much simpler than they unfolded, 15 hours of labor and Tyler Justin made his grand entrance at 9:39pm. Holy shit. Kim was awesome, I was a mess, and we both were obviously over the moon. The day before Tyler showed up I submitted my second major app, and first big swing, to the App Store: SocialPar. Submitting apps to the App Store, for those unaware, can be a bit of a process. You send them the app and they check to make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal or dishonest and also that the app dosen’t crash. It generally takes about a week to get through and find out if you are good to go. I got the go ahead for SocialPar on Sunday which is normally a cause for celebration but overshadowed by the little guy. Here we are, Ty is 1 week old and it is launch day so please allow me to introduce you to SocialPar. SocialPar ( ) is a mobile application running on iPhone and iPad that helps golfers find other golfers to play with when and where they want to play. This app is, by far, the simplest to use of its kind. The signup […]