“Is that cute enough?” – Me
I’ve been developing Apps, Sites, and more for a while but that is a whole new question to be asking myself at 3:30am on a weekday. As it turns out, its a question that I think I might find myself asking on any type of project in the future. It was about 3 months ago that I was talking with my friend Oscar Hernandez about children’s books on the iPad and iPhone. I offered to look into the options that exist out there and to make a long story short, I decided to build a new app to feature his books (as well as others eventually). Children’s books are probably not what most could have predicted as my next move. I sure didn’t see it coming. That said, the more I thought about the opportunity the more it started to make sense for me. Ever since the birth of my little buddy Tyler I have wanted to incorporate him into what I do. On top of that, I have always thought about how growing up, nearly everyone in my family has worked in education. My mom and dad, most of my uncles and aunts, and now my sister and even sister-in-law. I have always enjoyed teaching and mentoring people in my professional career so this seemed an opportunity to do it on a larger scale… with decidedly “cuter” subjects. From the outside looking in, this project seemed like it would simpler than my most recent project, SocialPar. It turned out that simple, not surprisingly, was the wrong word. The project was however a breath of fresh air from a creative perspective. Something for kids needs to be fun and entertaining, much more so than a social network […]