Audio | Weird Scenes Ep
Weird Scenes was Ant, The GameCat, Smith's first performance poetry EP. It is a mix of studio and live tracks. The studio tracks were recorded for free with thanks to John Richardson at St. Mungos studio in London.//States of Matter-imony was a straight studio recordingMortician was recorded live at The Queen's Speech(I can't believe it's not) Punk Rock was recorded live at Poetical Cabaret(You're the very) definition was mixed by Michael Baines.Plaything was re-imagined and engineered by the mysterious Ms. Teri MishunStrange Girl was re-imaged by Joe Inman who composed and played the guitar track, with the GameCat engineering the mixI will was recorded by Dennis at Gadget Studios during The GameCat's Stag Night Session, with the Stag Night singers providing additional vocals./The whole EP was made possible with special thanks to:/John Richardson and the recording studio at St Mungos. Dennis Gajetic at Gadget Studios. Michael Baines, Ms. Teri Mishun and Joe Inman. Poetical Cabaret and The Queen's Speech. John and Angie at Bluebridge Studios. The Stag Night Singers. And Christine, without whom... aside.notes-column { background-color:white; } /