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Collectibles > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Icons > Russian Orthodox Icon "Saint Nicholas" silver 1890 - 84 This beautiful icon shows a saint offering his blessings with his right hand raised. He wears a gorgeous vestment of gilt silver, like those of cloth worn by high-ranking members of the clergy. He cradles the Holy Book with his left hand, done in the same relief as the vestment and seeming to be a part of it. A brilliant glittering halo surrounds his head with radiating beams of light, creating a wonderful contrast with the dark face and beard. His features are those of a man who has seen much suffering, but whose grace and compassion shine through the human to reflect the Spirit of the Divine. - (PF.4846) Icon Depicting a Saint - PF.4846 Origin: Russia Circa: 1890 Dimensions: 13.75" (34.9cm) high x 11.625" (29.5cm) wide Collection: Russian Icons Style: Russian Orthodox Medium: Oil on Wood/Silver