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Antique Waterbury Clock in good looking and working conditions. RARE ANTIQUE WATERBURY MANTLE OAK GINGERBREAD CLOCK Formed March 5, 1857, as a joint stock corporation, the Waterbury Clock Company from its inception was an operation designed to be a major user of brass produced by the parent firm, the Benedict & Burnham Manufacturing Company. Utilizing the best talent available to them, they hired veteran clockmaker Chauncey Jerome to set up the new firm's casemaking shop and his brother Noble Jerome, a well-known clock mechanic, to set up the movement manufacturing operation. Though this firm became a major clock producer, after 1890 they became a major manufacturer of non-jeweled pocket watches, supplying R. H. Ingersoll & Brother, a major mail order firm. Large-scale production and profitability were enjoyed for more than two decades with this association. Major factory expansions between 1900 and 1915 made this the largest clock manufacturing facility in America.