About Actress, Model and Singer Annemarie Bruno, Los Angeles California
Annemarie Bruno, who started posing in front of a camera just three years ago, received multiple awards at a talent competition recently. Annemarie recently won these accolades in multiple categories. The 19-year old emerging talent received awards for beauty commercial and commercial print, and head shot. She also received an honorable mention for voice over. Annemarie is now working with the likes of Chloe Grace Moretz, who played a lead role in the newly released Sony Pictures film, The 5th Wave. When not auditioning, Annemarie takes voice and music lessons and is currently working with a producer in Nashville. In past competitions, Bruno performed well. In the Brock Epic Showcase of Talent, Bruno won in the categories of overall Female Winner for 2014 and Over TV Commercial. . Bruno, who grew up in the Birmingham area, has lofty goals because she believes that anything is possible. She derives her inspiration from her family and from a printed phrase on a