Thanksgiving 2016 | Thoughts from Ann Bell Feinstein
Stop the presses!!! I've been asked so many times for my Thanksgiving day advice I put it all on it's own page. No I know it's not yet Thanksgiving this post is about how you can have less stress planning that big meal. Now if you are cooking another holiday meal with a similar menu many of these tips and tricks will still work. Step 1: I plan a huge menu, more than I usually cook, but no one be me sees the big plan. Once I have every possible thing on the menu I could possibly want I start prioritizing things. No seriously you want the things everyone expects at the top of the list. What would Turkey day be without the turkey? Don't forget the mashed potatoes, and gravy, rolls. well you get the idea. Now that you have your dream menu prioritized, think realistically. What is the first thing you will cut if you get in a time crunch? and work your way back. I do try to get all twenty or so items on the table, but realistically I usually end up with twelve to fifteen.