A Hot Cup Of Tea To End The Day | Ann Bell Feinstein
Tea, wait you all know I drink coffee but tea. Yes, I drink tea. I have to have my caffeine in the morning or when I get up. (No I'm not always awake in the morning.) After a long day of chaos, (more on that later.) I love to end my day with a cup of hot tea. There is a soothing property in tea that coffee just doesn't have. There is something about the steam rising from the mug as the water and tea join to form this cup of relaxation. No, I'm not giving up coffee, that would be sacrilege but why can't I enjoy both beverages at different times of day. The chaos, despite David being away I'm still busy. I often find myself chasing content and other bits and pieces for the radio station. Yes, that's still part of my life and in fact is very time consuming some days. Other days I'm creating a webpage, or helping a host with something. Then there's managing the podcast locations. The shows on don't just appear and go away never to be heard again, in fact each and every one of