Pizza and a wheelchair | Ann Bell Feinstein
Many years ago I was working my way through college. who didn't in the 90's? I was working at a pizza place. It was late and I was trying to close things down so I could go home, I'd been there all day, yes I had opened that day. This one night stuck with me as did the last call I took. My delivery driver had just left for the night since we were closing in five minutes, and the last thing I wanted to do was deliver a pizza myself. The man on the phone was staying in a motel a few miles away, I tried to convince him that to come pick up the pizza, even offering a discount. The caller explained he was in a wheelchair, I sighed. I'm sure he heard the sigh but I did deliver that pizza and threw in a few drinks to go along with it, not to mention the paper plates and napkins. When I arrived he was sitting there in a wheelchair. This was the first person other than my aunt I'd ever seen up close in a wheelchair. I knew I couldn't stay but that call has stuck with me. Now all of these years