Hubby was in the field, what was I doing? | Thoughts from Ann Bell Feinstein
That's right David was in the field most of the month of November. While the hubby was away what did the wife do? I went out for my birthday with a friend to red robin, they give free birthday burgers if you join their loyalty club. I've been writing, of course. I was sending goodies out to the field as often as I could. I was working on a super secret project, you'll find out more about that after the new year. I am learning to write html, yes I know it's long past time and I finally am doing something about the lack of coding knowledge. I'm already scheming on a Valentines day present for hubby. What you haven't gotten all of you Christmas or Hanukkah shopping done yet? (I have one item left to purchase otherwise I'm good.) I've been working on that super secret project some more. Yes I promise that as soon as I get all the paperwork done I will spill all of the beans. I did more writing. Then I got sick, yep I caught the crud. Just I was at my sickest things worked out and David