My Story
I started quilting a long time ago….before there were rotary cutters and computerized sewing machines…..before the internet was available to answer our questions…..before there were scissors and needles made of metal. The first bed-sized quilt I completed. All pieced and quilted by hand in a quilt-as-you-go technique. Okay, that last part’s a lie ….I’m not THAT old. But I have been doing this a while, and hopefully I’ve learned a few things along the way. This blog is my way of giving back some of that knowledge, sharing what I’ve learned with my readers. Quilting started as a hobby for me, and eventually became an obsession. I taught a few classes, then designed some quilts, published those designs, managed a quilt shop, became a longarm quilter, and for a while did ALL of those things at once. For six years I had my business in retail space where I had two longarms (one computerized), sold fabric, kits, books, etc., taught classes, and tried to get a little designing done as well. I’ve recently realized that I prefer the creative part of quilting to the business part, so I’ve sold the computerized longarm and moved out of the retail space, back to my home studio. I now have the time to start publishing some of the designs I’ve had in my head for the last six years, as well as concentrate on custom quilting, which is the part I really love. Maybe I’ll even get a few of my own quilts quilted now!