Custom Pricing
Custom Quilting can vary from very simple to very complex. Therefore, rather than charging by the square inch, I have moved to charging by the hour for custom work. In order to give you an estimate of how long your quilt will take and how much it will cost, I spent some time looking at past invoices. Since I time myself on every quilt I do, I was able to break the custom treatments down into about four categories. Here are my new Custom Categories, and the approximate number of Square Inches/Hour I can quilt in each category: Simple Custom – These are looser freehand designs, without ruler work or Stitch-in-the-Ditch (SID). Background fills, if present, are loose and random. Motifs are unmarked so can be random and unevenly spaced. 800 – 1100 Sq.In/Hr. View Examples of Simple Custom Basic Custom – Designs are mostly freehand, although I may mark some simple guidelines like the spine of a feathered border. A modest amount of SID may be included (outlining just borders and blocks, but not the individual pieces in a block). 600 – 800 Sq.In/Hr. View Examples of Basic Custom Full Custom – Includes ruler work and SID. More intricate motifs, and spacing of them will be measured and even. 400 – 600 Sq.In/Hr. View Examples of Full Custom Detailed/Heirloom – Symmetrical motifs, small background fills, extensive ruler work or SID. Most applique quilts will fall into this category due to the time it takes to stitch around the appliques and add details to them.