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Ola's Kool Kitchen NOW on Friday 12am GMT on Andhow.FM with a winter wonderland from Show 379 Interpol-The Rover-Marauder-Matador RecordsBoygenius-Me & My Dog-Boygenius-Matador RecordsHollow Hand-Milestone-Star Chamber-Talk Show RecordsVanessa Ann Redd-What's Next-Zumbo Waxes-Shark Attack RecordsSoccer Mommy-Henry-single-Fat Possum RecordsThe Waitresses-Christmas Wrapping-A Christmas Record-ZEValue Void-Teen For Him-Sentimental-Tough Love RecordsPart Time-I Can Treat You Better (Featuring Ariel Pink)-Spell #6-Burger RecordsChai-N.E.O.-Pink-Otemoyan RecordsPatsy Raye and The Beatniks-Beatnik's Wish-single-RouletteMary Ann Fisher - Put On My Shoes-single-Fire RecordsBig Dee Irwin & Little Eva - I Wish You a Merry Christmas-single-DimensionTraden (TRAD GRAS OCH STENAR)- Hoppas du förstår (Hope You Understand)-Traden-Subliminal SoundsOctopus Jones-Grand Illusion-Broken Hearts Broken Sounds-Silber Records