@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 30, 8pm | andHow.FM
Many new debuts this week on #404 and a killer new track by Czech Republic Dj/Musician MC Duro as the featured artist. Be listening for Manchester, England's Broomhead, Perth, Australia's Leeroy, a deep protest song by Los Angeles Mose Sumney and Stockholm, Sweden's Lizette &. For you surf fans San Diego's Jason Lee & The R.I.P.S. Tides will satisfy that sound. Others like James, The Heck, Joey Dosik featuring Coco O. will keep up your interest on the show that brings you a real peek into International music every week. *NEW + replay *James "Heads" (Manchester, England) *Moses Sumney "Rank & File" (Los Angeles) -InRegalia voice intro- *InRegalia "Stand Up" (Mumbia, India) *Korpiklaani "Aallon alla" (Finland) -back and front announce- *Lizette & "Have A Liitle Faith" (Stockholm, Sweden) *Rude Audio "To The Sun" (London, England) -The Scrags voice intro- *The Scrags "Arrows Of Time" (Stockholm, Sweden) *Leeroy "Burn To Ashes" (Perth, Australia) -back and front