@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY OCTOBER 7, 8pm | andHow.FM
My entire radio career I have been known for breaking, developing and showcasing 'new' artists which I continue each and every week. But those of you listen often know that I really care about musicians that return from the past with 'new' music. This week on #405 I've whipped up a mix of many that returned this past year or late the year before with relevant songs. A mix of mostly rock and what was back in the day 'real' Alternative music by a killer line-up. One new song by Sir Paul McCartney and the rest on deserved replays. Wonder what some of your favorites sound like today? Listen and enjoy. David Byrne "Everybody's Coming To My House" -Alice Cooper voice intro- Alice Cooper "Fireball" -TC&I Colin (Moulding & Terry Chambers) voice intro- TC&I (Greatness (The Aspiration Song) -back and front announce- Snow Patrol "Don't Give In" Roger Daltrey "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" -Geoff Tate voice intro- Operation Mindcrime "My Eyes" -Gang Of Four Andy Gill voice intro- Gang Of