@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY NOVEMBER 25, 8pm | andHow.FM
#412 is a brand new edition of SHE SHOW Special number 30. The only show with longevity that supports and gives women musicians an international exposure with all different musical sounds. The most popular and listened to specials of LWOL. This features Le Butcherettes (Guadalajara, Mexico), Zsuzsika (Melbourne, Australia), Polly Panic of Rasputina, Lala Lala (Chicago), Farao (Norway/Berlin) and Resurrection Fern (North America). Gaby's stroll down memory lane is with her childhood favorite Nina Hagen with full version of both's hometown "Berlin". *NEW + replay *Le Butcherettes "Strong Enough" (Guadalajara, Mexico) +Lion (Beth Lowen) "Oh No" (London, England) -Ay Wing voice intro- +Ay Wing "LA" (Berlin, Germany) *Resurrection Fern "Shades Of Grey" (North America) -back and front announce- *Maggie Rogers "Light On" (New York City) *LAPS "Ladybug" (Scotland) -Alice Rose voice intro- +Alice Rose "Berlin Is For Dreamers" (Berlin, Germany) +Christine And The Queens "5 Dollars" (Paris,