@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY March 17, 8pm | andHow.FM
424 will give you a world injection of new sounds Click here for Playlist: *New + Replay *Short Shadows "Nothing Good Comes..." (Melbourne, AU)*PachYa "Rebuild This Land" (Poland/United Kingdom)-The Train Set voice intro-*The Train Set "All Blown Over" (new ver.) (Manchester, UK) *Threatmantics "First Thing" (Cardiff, Wales)-back and front announce-*M.O.K.O "Maydit" (Nancy, France)*Max Fishler "Holding Back" (Vietnam/Russia)-Martin Bowes/Attrition voice intro-*Attrition w/ Julia Waller "Two Gods" (Coventry, England) *The Impersonators "Broken Snow" (Helsinki, Finland)-back and front announce-*Elyssa Vulpes "Front Line" (Edinburgh, Scotland)*Suave Martyrs "Man About Town" (Manchester, UK)-Courtney John voice intro-*Courtney John "Gone Away" (Kingston, Jamaica)*X-ite Project f/Doobie Rush "One Of A Kind" (Deutschland)-back and front announce-*COG "Drawn Together" (Sydney, Australia)*Witt "Herr Der Berge" (Deutschland)-The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show voice intro-