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The graphic says it all. With that in mind one more chance to hear the "Best Of 2018" #414. Giving these artists the attention they deserve. Discover some of the upcoming and developing musicians that you might be hearing more about in the future. Next week begins all new editions with an all out assault for your ears jamming with 'new music' from all over the globe. *Re-Broadcast Young Fathers "In My View" (Edinburgh, Scotland) -The Courettes voice intro-The Courettes "Strawberry Boy" (Brazil/Denmark)-TC&I voice intro-TC&I "Greatness (The Aspiration Song)" (Swindon, England)-The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show voice intro-The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show "Float Your Boat" (Dorset)-back and front announce-Fie! Fie! Fie! "Hit The Spanish Main" (Yorkshire, England)-Alice Rose voice intro-Alice Rose "Berlin Is For Dreamers" (Berlin, Germany)-Space voice intro-Space "Metropolis" (Liverpool, England)-MC Duro voice intro-MC Duro "Hurricane" (Czech Republic)-back and