@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY January 27, 8pm | andHow.FM
Variety is the musical spice of life. On #417 From Irishman James Galvo Parker onto New Orleans Keithian then to Midland's Spunge to Germany with Polish Speed Master DJ- it's all in the mix. Highlight's are Attrition's Martin Bowes new side project Engram, Los Angeles rockers Big Mother Gig featuring Britta Phillips, Phoenix, Arizona's Kongos return with new music as well as Swervedriver and The Specials. *New + Replay *Suzanne Santo "Ghost In My Bed" (Cleveland, Ohio) *Spunge "Get Out" (Midlands, England)-Farmer Boys voice intro-*Farmer Boys "Stars" (Stuttgart, Germany)*Secret Treehouse "Fear Of Frogs" (Bergen, Norway)-back and front announce-*Red Eye "Get Up And Fight" (Manchester, England)*Cleargreen "Gone" (Manchester, England)-Engram voice intro-*Engram "The Good Life" (Coventry, England)*A$AP Rocky "Sundress" (Harlem, New York)-back and front announce-*Circa Waves "Movies, Movies" (Liverpool, England)*Big Mother Gig f/Britta Phillips "Our Cover's..." (Los Angeles)-Die