@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY December 2, 8pm | andHow.FM
#413 features loads of new music including brand new tunes from Elvis Costello, Boy George & Country Club and wow after a number of years early 90s favorites Swervedriver! Tim Armstrong (Rancid) joins Essex, England rocker Ratboy lending his vocals and Dramarama comes back also. Newer artists in the mix are Glasspop (Poland), Toby Benson (London) and Iceland's The Retro Mutants. A must listen are Brussels Whispering Souls and Netherland's Marvin Dee Band and plenty more. *NEW + replay *Roland Faber "Darkness (Let There Be Light)" (London, England) *Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Wizards In Winter" (Tampa, Florida) -Little Brother Eli voice intro- *Little Brother Eli "Oops" (Oxford, England) *Dramarama "Swamp Song" ((Los Angeles) -back and front announce- *Whispering Sons "Got A Light" (Brussels, Belgium) *Peppery "Thankful" (Trelawny, Jamaica) -Fjokra voice intro- +Fjokra "Sugarface" (Dublin, Ireland) *SMYL "Clean Eyes" (Seattle, WA) -back and front announce- *Boy George &