@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY AUGUST 12, 8pm | andHow.FM
All year long I keep seeing people on Social Media talking about Progressive Rock. It began in the 70s with many bands that many of you still listen to. Back in January which is not the best time to do a show like this one featuring artists that in the past decade right up to current times continue the tradition in their own way. So let this special edition # 397 speak for itself and hopefully those of you missed it the first time will get on board and enjoy the symphonic metallic and rock creations with so many instruments and creativity that will add to your inclusion of all the other sounds you like and listen to. Edguy "Blessing In Disguise" (Fulda, Germany) -Simone Simons/Epica voice intro- Epica "Architect Of Light" (Netherlands) Epica "Natural Corruption" (Netherlands) -back and front announce- Avantasia "Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose" (Fulda, Germany) Tuomas Holopainen "The Last Sled" (Kitee, Finland) Tarja "Darkness" (Netherlands) -Night voice intro- Night "Strike Of Lightening"