@LopsidedWorld Of L -SUNDAY December 23, 8pm | andHow.FM
This week a re-broadcast of "Always Mind The Bollocks" an all United Kingdom special Volume 6 from this past October.Edition #408. Fun stuff. Enjoy again or for the first time.Happy Holidays and the brightest of a New Year everyone! -Bruce Hammond Erlam Bollocks intro-Twisted Wheel "Johnny Guitar" (Manchester) -Adam Ant Lucky people sweeper-The Maple State "The Things I Heard..." (Manchester)-Hegarty voice intro-Hegarty "Won't Go Down (That Road Again)" (Liverpool)-Tara Rez Platters That Matter sweeper-The Two Man Travelling Medicine Show "Float.." (Dorset)-back and front announce-Lion "Oh No" (London)-Kerry Turley Bollocks sweeper-Ruins "No Tiggy Butcher" (Liverpool)James "Heads" (Manchester)-Maker voice intro-Maker "Soul" (Kent)-back and front announce-Methods "Mankind" (Wolverhampton/Salford)Leader "Open Skies" (Oxfordshire/Buckingham)-Paul McCartney voice intro-Paul McCartney "People Want Peace"Sleaford Mods "Stick In A Five & Go" (Nottingham)-back and front