As one of the leading producers of laminate flooring in Europe, Akzenta produces "Quality - made in Germany" at the main sites in the Eifel and in Brandenberg - with extensive experience dedication to wood - first class quality products. Our customers wishes realised is a personal demand we feel obliged to fulfill. Wiparquet is the trade supplier from Akzenta. … this is what the laminate fl ooring of the wiparquet® selection stands for. With their unusual décors and surface fi nishes, they are in a class of their own. The special collections of this outstanding laminate fl ooring selection are available only from selected specialist outlets. Follow us now to the exclusive laminate fl ooring of the wiparquet® selection. Position … Simply place the long profi le of the new panel in the previously installed row and lower to connect to the new row. click … fi nished! A short push with the thumbs on the short profi le and the panel locks into place with an [...]