Display Amazon coupon code on the Thank-You page? or send it via email? | AMZ Coupon Server
Some AMZ Coupon Server users can't decide what's better: Use the "Display Coupon Code on the Thank You page" option, right after the buyer enters his name and e-mail to the webform, or - send the coupon to his inbox? Each option has its advantages: Using the "Display coupon code on the Thank You page" option - enables a quick move to the purchase page on Amazon, to purchase the item - without any additional clicks, and without searching for your coupon in your inbox. On the other hand, sending the coupon by e-mail guarantees the buyer entered a correct (and real) e-mail address (otherwise he doesn't get the coupon). This is a significant advantage - this way we can add him to our mailing list and keep sending him commercial offers, keep in touch with him. And I ask: why can't we enjoy both worlds? (Yes, AMZ Coupon Server enables both: present the coupon on the Thank You Page - and send it by e-mail). But let's do it smart: above the form where the buyer fills in his details, write