Dashrath "Mountain Man" Manjhi - a man single-handedly moves a mountain in a labor of love for his lost wife - Altered Dimensions Paranormal
Dashrath Manjhi, a poor laborer from the Gahlour village near Gaya in Bihar, India, known also as “Mountain Man”, lost his wife, Phaguni Devi, who was unable to be taken to the nearest health care center on time for immediate treatment as the nearest road to the city was 70km long (43 miles) long. Vowing to solve the problem himself, Dashrath set out on a labor of love, and swore to move mountains in order to ensure nobody else would experience trouble obtaining medical treatment from the nearest town. So Dashrath sold his goats and purchased a chisel, rope, and a hammer and set out on the near impossible task of cutting through a 300-foot high mountain in order to create a 1 kilometer passage for travelers.